About Every Nation Campus Leaders

Every Nation Campus Leaders (ENC Leaders) produces and presents all kinds of leadership content for Every Nation Campus missionaries and key leaders in the Philippines to help them embody the Every Nation mission, values, and culture, do campus ministry, and fulfill the mission of Every Nation.

About Every Nation Campus

The next generation is our hope for the future. All over the world, young people are filled with so much vigor, passion, and creativity that could potentially transform societies and change the world.

But at the same time, many of them are lost, confused, and trapped, running after wrong pursuits that result in potentials undiscovered, talents untapped, and lives wasted.

We believe that when we reach the next generation, we can give them hope and help them fulfill their destiny as world-changers and nation-builders.

This is the reason we exist.

Every Nation Campus is the global campus ministry of Every Nation. We are a global community of students who believe that changing the world starts when we change the campus. We are committed in empowering the next generation for LIFE by teaching and imparting Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.

We believe in the potential of every student, and we raise them to become future leaders of society through various initiatives. As an organization, we partner with parents and school administrators to help students excel in their academics, develop leadership skills, be a positive influence in their community, and pursue a God-centered lifestyle.