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By: Kaye Olivar

Back to Basics: Preparing, Sharing, and Closing a Conversation about Salvation

There’s always something new to learn, so we can be more effective in sharing the foundations of our faith. To help you prepare for and transition from each topic in the ONE 2 ONE, we’ve come up with basic tips for each chapter. We hope today’s article will help you be more prepared in sharing about salvation.

Before Sharing about Salvation

  1. Pray and tap on the power of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to be an effective witness to the person you’re going to meet. Regardless of how long we have been doing ONE 2 ONE with others, we believe that it is God who appoints the time and readiness of the person, and we need His power to intervene with us as we share the gospel.
  2. Study and revisit the Scriptures. See if you also have questions and ask the Holy Spirit to help you answer them. You may also discuss them with your pastor or Victory group leader. 
  3. Pray that God will ready the heart of the person you will meet and that they may receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

While Sharing about Salvation

  1. While the Scripture is filled with encouraging words to help a person in their struggles and pains, we must remember that the end goal of the message of salvation should open our eyes and be aware of where we are as sinners and our need for a Savior. Although we can witness God’s kingdom in various ways, salvation is given to us through Christ. No matter how good or how knowledgeable we think we are, we stand as sinners under His mercy and grace.
  2. Since it’s common to believe that being “good” will save a person, it would also be helpful to know the person’s insight about it. Do they believe that their good works are enough? Do they believe that it’s through believing in Christ and doing good works? But what does Scripture say about our salvation?
  3. Speak with love and compassion. Let your sharing be conversational. It would also be a good start to ask the person to read the Bible verses out loud as we go through the material with them.

After Sharing about Salvation 

  1. Don’t forget to invite the person to a prayer for salvation. If you think they did not take it seriously, it’s okay. God’s invitation is not only for a day. Just like He does with us, He will transform the heart of the person day by day, from glory to glory. Just keep walking with them and continually share about God.
  2. Always remember that it’s only God who knows if the person truly received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But we are called to continually teach the new disciples to “obey everything [God has] commanded you” (Matthew 28:20) and help them be faithful followers of Jesus.
  3. Set your next meeting with them and pray. Throughout the week, you can also ask how they’re doing and if they have any questions.
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Kaye Olivar

Kaye is an incoming Campus Missionary from Every Nation Campus Bataan. She’s an ENFP who loves to do random things, write, call her dog just to tease him, or read a good book. When she’s not serving the students in the campus, she’s by her window, painting book covers, just for fun.

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