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By: Andra Pabico

Back to Basics: Tips on Sharing about Doing Devotions

As Christians, it is our privilege to enjoy an intimate relationship with God. One way to grow in our intimacy is devoting time to talk and listen to Him. In the continuation to our Back to Basics series, we talk about tips on sharing about doing devotions.

In order to grow in a relationship, each person must grow in communicating continually. The same is true in doing our devotions. It is not just another routine or another part of our checklist, but it is a relationship with God that we can enjoy and grow in. We communicate with God through reading the Bible—His word—and prayer.

I remember the time when the person discipling me was teaching me to read the Bible and pray. She basically allowed the Scripture to minister to me. When we went through ONE 2 ONE, she made me read every Scripture in each chapter until I craved for it daily. She constantly taught me to pray through leading me to prayer and connecting me to God, then eventually asking me to close the prayer after the topic “Devotion” in our ONE 2 ONE meet up.

When I first heard about doing devotions, it somehow looked so hard. Before I became a Christian, I thought devotion was about memorizing a chunk of prayers and verses and allotting hours in prayer to get what I want. But Christianity is beyond duties. Doing devotions is about growing continually in a personal relationship with someone you dearly love—God. It’s about communicating with and hearing from Him, so you will know and love Him more. Because the more you know Him, the more you will fall in love with Him.

Here are some things I learned in my journey of growing in my relationship with God and helping others do so:

  1. Point to a relationship.

Doing devotions is part of our growing relationship with God.

He communicates to us primarily through His word and we communicate to Him through prayer. Part of a growing relationship is loving and serving each other. When we love someone, we will do everything not to hurt that person. In His word, God has written all of His promises and assurances for us that stand through the test of time. And whenever we read the word, it will keep us away from sin (the ultimate thing that hurts God), help us live a pure and holy life (this honors God), and allow us to know Him better as the wonderful God, Father, Lover, Provider, Protector, and Friend that He is to us.

  1. Do it with them.

We can teach others how to do devotions by showing them.

After your ONE 2 ONE meeting, ask the other person to bring a Bible, a pen, and a notebook. They can also download a Bible app if they haven’t bought one yet. 

One method they can easily apply is the SOAP method which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Read at least one chapter of the Bible with them and ask them to write what they observed in the Scripture. Then ask them to write down if there is a truth about God

that we should believe and remember, an attitude we should change, a sin to turn away from, a promise to claim, an example to follow, or a command to obey. Finally, ask them to pray the Scripture over their lives or to respond to the Scripture in prayer. 

You can do it with the people you are leading for two to three times, and then challenge them to do it every day.

  1. Spur one another.

Continue to spur one another in reading the word and praying to God through sharing your personal revelations and challenges in doing devotions. Knowing that each one of us has to fight for our commitment to grow in our relationship with God every single day can encourage them to keep fighting.

You can also share some tips that helped you grow even in busy seasons, like listening to podcasts or an audio-Bible, starting with worship songs, or journalling so that there is no one way to show our devotion to God or to grow in our relationship with Him. 

Doing devotions is not just a routine task we have to fulfill, but is about a relationship that we need to grow, even in different seasons.

As we continue to grow in our devotion to and love for God, we will find that it is best shared with  others, continually.

About the author
Andra Pabico

Andra is a campus missionary at Every Nation Campus U-Belt. She loves pink and serves in the pink university of Centro Escolar University inside Mendiola. She loves planning and craves for anything spicy. Andra also passionately believes in the calling of God that as we reach the next generation today, we can be part of restoring homes tomorrow.

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