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By: Joseph Bonifacio

Overcoming Anxiety During Challenging Times

The world needs leaders who can recognize their anxieties and receive God’s peace over them.


The world is at a high level of anxiety. People are anxious with all the uncertainty, sickness, and death around them. This leads to all kinds of reactions, a lot of which are understandably negative. What the world needs now are leaders who know how to recognize anxiety, receive God’s peace, and become an agent for decreasing anxiety in themselves and others. 

In the video below, our pastors from Victory Fort host an online talk from Dr. Greg Mitchell, a “pastor to pastors” from Vancouver, Canada, on identifying anxiety in ourselves. Once we recognize anxiety behind our irritability, insecurity, and fearfulness, we’ll be able to spot its work and not fall for its lies. Then we realize that the heart of the issue we’re facing goes back to faith in God’s love for us. When that is settled, we’ll be able to respond to things in a loving way. What’s more is we will not be triggered by other people’s anxieties. Instead, we can hear them in the midst of it and help them find their peace in God also.

About the author
Joseph Bonifacio

Joseph Bonifacio is the director of Every Nation Campus Philippines and a lead pastor with Victory Katipunan. When he isn’t working in the campus or doing life with students, you can find him at home or in an adventure with his wife, Carla, and their two sons, Philip and Manu. Joe, as most people call him, admits that his hair (or lack of) never distracts him, but that the thought of a chocolate chip cookie almost always does.

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