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By: ENC Leaders

Episode 1: What is The Shift?

What is your dream job and what are the things you think you need to change to be more prepared for that job?

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1:05 – What is The Shift?

  • The Shift is a podcast about work and the shifts happening in the workplace—the systems, mindsets, and values shaping how people work.
  • There is also a generational shift that we want to bring or talk about in this podcast. More and more, we are becoming compassionate in how we work.
  • There are shifts all the time. There are changes every time. But what makes it unique now is the shift is faster, more unexpected. The shift forces us to be in places, situations, and contexts that we didn’t expect to be in.

4:41 – How this podcast came about

  • During the ideation, an image of a gear was brought up. A gear is so powerful because even if it’s just one thing in a machine, if it doesn’t work, the entire machine doesn’t work. On the flipside, if it starts to work, it triggers an entire ecosystem being put in place.
  • Ordinary things are powerful—like going to work, making presentations, routines. Are there voices about the value that these ordinary things create? That’s what this podcast wants to have a conversation on.
  • Work can even be a ministry.

8:24 – The heart of this podcast

  • This podcast is for everyone. It’s for people for working wherever, for students who need it at this time—and the encouragement of this podcast is it’s reimagining work.
  • Work is not a punishment. It’s not pointless, it’s not selfish. It’s a cultivation and it’s creating value. You can find meaning and beauty in it. You can thrive in your endeavor wherever you are, in whatever you’re industry you’re in, and be fruitful.
  • Work is a service pointing beyond your own interests.

10:28 – The time we invest in work

  • We work, on average, 182 days a year. That’s almost half of the year. Half of the year and half of our lives, we’re working. How can we have more meaning, more fulfillment for and from the task that we devote half of our lives to?

13:00 – Work and personal shifts

  • Kirk on his businesses, GetBlued and Worship Generation. The mission of Worship Generation, specifically, is to make the expression of faith part of our day-to-day life—in what you wear and what you use.
  • Kirk on dealing with scaling down and losses because of the pandemic.
  • Iya on her business, The Dream Coffee. Life is about passing on the value you get to create and that’s the hope of this business—letting farmers see the value of what they produce and letting them pass it on to their children. And giving them the value of more choices.
  • Iya on the value of grit—the value of pushing on, pressing on even when the world around you doesn’t make sense.
  • Mau on her business, Vela Manila, which celebrates Filipino artistry from a traditional and modern perspective through the designing and handcrafting of artisanal products. It started as a school project and it became a real business after college. It’s a concept that started from curiosity and it was a way to seek God.
  • Mau on creation and creativity: just start with one small idea.

25:25 – The vision of this podcast and personal goals

  • Reimagining work
    • Work is one of those spaces where we discover who we are. We find and get to fully express our unique abilities and gifts.
    • Having a meaningful work life, which also means finding a rhythm between work and rest
    • Learning and unlearning work
  • Making work meaningful, not just functional
    • There’s that shift from seeing work as a 9-to-5 thing, a hustle, or a daily grind to something that’s more meaningful. Work really goes beyond us—there’s a delight that it creates and it’s really a gift.
    • Getting to involve more people who think or want to think this way and having conversations with them
  • Making work work, not just for work but for life
    • Work is not a punishment or a burden, but an opportunity to create something. It’s not at the detriment of your family or your personal life, but something that will complement your life and make it more meaningful.

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