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Episode 22: Tolpu on Campus

Kumusta ang group work sa online classes? Learning how to collaborate has always been one of our greatest academic challenges, and yet it teaches us to navigate well through conflicts–a skill that will serve us well wherever life leads us. In this episode, we talk about how we can respond to problems with teammates.

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NOTE:The story, names, and characters portrayed in this episode are fictitious. The story that was shared is based on multiple stories heard from students about their struggles on academic group work. 


We acknowledge the hardships that students are experiencing in submitting their requirements in this new normal. We hear your sentiments and we want to help.


For today’s episode, we have Jun-Jun, a Grade 10 student who called our hosts to ask for advice regarding his teammate, who refused to cooperate in accomplishing their group project in Araling Panlipunan. 

Jun-Jun was very frustrated because this teammate offered to pay them as his contribution in the group project. Jun-Jun, being the team leader of the group, wanted everyone to collaborate. What added to his frustration was the teammate that he was complaining about is actually his co-leader.

Jun-Jun shared that he tried his best to talk to his teammate, Mikee. Despite his efforts, Mikee can’t seem to collaborate with the team. Jun-jun also revealed that his classmates are also talking about Mikee’s disinterest in helping out with group projects from before. 


Mikee joins the call and shares that he just woke up from a night of doing mobile games. The hosts asked Mikee for his side of the story.

At first, Mikee was confused with the scenario. He revealed that he presented to be a co-leader but was confused about his role. He feels that his classmates don’t want to give him a chance. He said that his keyboard is not working properly and the only keys that are working are the letter “O” and number “0”, that’s why when he was asked if he’s willing to be the co-lead, he replied “o0” . Mikee refuted his first statement, and concluded that it might be his sibling who answered “o0” in their group chat. 

Mikee also revealed that he usually plays mobile games during group work discussion. His addiction to mobile games led his classmates to exclude him from group activities and remove him from their group chats.


Dave: Mikee, importante ba sayo ang project na ito?

Mikee: Nasanay kasi ako na ako na magbabayad. Dati pumapayag naman mga kaklase ko sa ganun, pero iba yung grupo nila Jun-Jun. 

Jun-Jun: Gusto lang naman namin na tumulong ka. 

Mikee: Gusto ko lang naman mabalik ako sa GC eh.


Dave: Mikee, gusto ka naman samahan nila Jun-Jun sa ginagawa mo, pero sana samahan mo sila sa group work. Ang maganda dito, hindi pera ang habol nila sa’yo, ikaw mismo ang habol nila. Pero Jun-Jun, baka hindi talaga kaya ni Mikee yung expectation, baka kaya ibigay yung akma para sa kanyang skills. 

Jun-Jun: Co-lead o hindi, mahalaga mag-contribute siya. 

Mikee: Hindi ko alam kung tatanggapin nila ako sa grupo. Kasi nababasa ko posts nila tungkol sa akin.

Jun-Jun: Baka po maayos pa po ito ng maayos na usapan, na hindi puro GCash at ML.

Mikee: Sa akin importante marinig na tanggap pa rin ako. Ta-try ko best ko. 

Jello: Ano ibibigay mong guarantee na tutuparin mo ang commitment mo?

Mikee: Kapitbahay lang naman tayo Junjun. Pwede mo naman ako puntahan.

Jun-Jun: Sige kakausapin ko nalang si Tita Amor. (Mikee’s mother)

Dave: Jun-Jun, kapag naulit pa ito, pag-isipan mo kung ano ang next step mo since you have given him another chance. Let’s help Mikee na magbago. 

20:34 May ganun ka din bang experience?

Dave: Yes, kadalasan ako ang team leader. 

Jello: Paano mo hinahandle?

Dave: Tulad nung ginawa ni Jun-Jun, confrontation. Pero on worst-case scenarios, last option na talaga yung pagtanggal.

Jello: May ganyan din akong similar experience during thesis nung college. May agreement kami na walang personalan kasi gusto naming lahat grumaduate. Naalala ko noon, meron kaming bagong member, so kailangan niya mag-adjust. Pero pagdating sa capabilities, nahirapan  siya makipagsabayan, so ang contribution niya, sa kanila kami gumagawa ng thesis, tapos binibigyan namin ng tasks na akma sa kakayanan niya. 

Dave: Pag nagsimula mag-compare, dun masisira yung dynamics. May iba talaga na mas may magbubuhat, pero ang mahalaga lahat tumutulong.

Jello: Mahalaga mag-agree sa communication. Let’s exhaust all possible options to reach out. Importante malaman yung pinanggalingan ng tao.

26:03 Kailan i-coconsider na hindi na natin siya matutulungan?

Dave: More than three clear na warnings, and after you exhaust everything, dun na.

Jello: If it’s a pattern, and walang sign na willing siya to do better, then it’s time to consider letting go. Let the professor/teacher know. The professor will recommend an action on what’s the next thing to do. The important part is, we get to exhaust all lines of communication.

29:00 Words of Encouragement

Dave: I firmly believe na pinapalakas tayo ni Lord in our character. When our character is being built up, we will grow and lack in nothing para we handle the greater challenges after this pandemic. Let’s embrace it and consider it pure joy when we go through trials of many kinds. This steadfastness makes us mature and prepares us for life. (James 1:2-4)

Jello: School doesn’t just prepare us for our career. It prepares us for life. The challenges in life build our muscles for us to carry real-life responsibilities beyond the school. What will make a difference is our response. In those overwhelming moments take a deep breath and pause. Also, don’t go through life alone. Yung faith mo ay hindi lang sa ginagawa mo sa church. Let God be involved in your studies. Talk to someone, allow people to carry the burden with you. 

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