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Episode 25: TBT: The Best of TOC (Anniversary Special) Part 1

Happy anniversary mga ka-TOC! Grabe, we have been sharing life with you for one year already! Thank you for tuning in with us all this time and we hope we have added value to you for the last 12 months. As we celebrate our anniversary, let’s revisit some of your favorite episodes.

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Here are our top 5 most downloaded episodes:

  1. Netflix
  2. The Wasted Year
  3. Hallyu Korean Invasion
  4. De-Romanticizing Romance
  5. It’s Okay Not to be Okay



I saw two perspectives from this episode: (1) as someone who watches Netflix and (2) someone who will create a Netflix film since I want to pursue Film.

“What you watch actually shapes your perception of reality.”

This is very true because sometimes we imagine these things may also happen in our reality.

“Media has the power to normalize some sins.”

In a season when “normalize this and that” is trending, we need to know how to filter which ones should remain just part of the show. We should use the Bible to filter which ones to consume or not.

“Movies speak about the greatest desires of humans. What does God say about it?” 

As a film creator, I would want to think of a theme or topic that will allow me to creatively and subliminally share the gospel.


One of my biggest takeaways from this episode is that the things you consume really speaks a lot about you, it reveals a lot about you. It is not just on Netflix, it is everything we consume anywhere, whether it’s music, shows, film, or any form of media that you allow to influence you. As a consumer of media, we need to filter which ones to believe and not believe since media has the potential to greatly influence us.


Most students could fall into the trap of believing that what the media normalizes can also be normalized in reality. Therefore, we should be very mindful because what we consume lends to how we think and behave.


Let’s also reflect on the purpose why we consume something. Creators have a purpose for why they create. I hope that we could also think about the value of something we want to consume.


When we are attracted to a show or a film, it reveals our longing. This is where the importance of being part of a community comes in. We need people who will help us process this so that we rightly identify the answer to our desires.

How do you handle the challenge of being limited with what you consume as followers of Christ?


For me, it’s being intentional and watching out for our intentions by reflecting on the purpose and value of what we want to consume. Set your intentions and learn how to filter it yourself.


It is a flesh or human thing to be entertained by something new that becomes popular (e.g. memes) without checking if it’s bad or not. What we need to do is to ask Jesus for help for us to be able to not desire bad entertainment. Let’s ask Jesus to fill us and satisfy us so that we will lose our appetite for consuming these things.


As students, we want what is relevant. Knowing that the lost are into these things, we also want to explore so we can be relevant to them. I agree that we should be intentional in filtering and watching out on what we consume.



Since I want to pursue film, I am not just interested in the artists and the story line. I am also interested to learn the creation of KDramas behind the scenes and I can say that their shows are filmed excellently.

One interesting fact about Koreans is that they are not afraid and ashamed to show their traditions and values. They are also not afraid to show a story about people who are usually looked down upon for having small jobs (e.g. delivery man, janitors, etc.). However, Filipino creators are shying away from showing values that would seem outdated and traditional because they want to give people what they want, they want to please people. 

What I’ve learned from observing how KDramas were created is that to be excellent and that we should not be afraid to show our values and beliefs. As a creator, we should create something that focuses more on pleasing God, not pleasing people.


Korean invasion reminded me of being Filipino because it is about representation of a nation. It made me realize that we are so influenced to the point that we adapt easily to what is trending in the media. I hope we can also look at ourselves as Filipinos that we can also be excellent and we can also do what other nations can do.


I started watching KDrama because of the quarantine and out of curiosity. Watching Reply 1988 drew me closer to it because it is very close to our culture. It is true that these shows represent Asian culture which is very relatable, and this is probably why we got hooked to a point that we adapt some behavior from these shows in our real life.

As Filipinos we should know that we have a calling, that our nation is our inheritance so I hope we will also patronize our own culture and values.

This episode of Today on Campus is hosted by Renjo Almario and Daryll Reyes. They are joined by CJ De Guzman, Notch Zenarosa and Yronn Garcia, students from different ENC centers in the Philippines.

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