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By: ENC Leaders

Episode 29: Leadership Workout 2: Recognizing Other People’s Giftings

In this episode, we talk about one of the most essential workouts that can be immediately applied at any given opportunity. Having this ability will help us become a great leader, especially in terms of helping our team to develop their God-given giftings.

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2:06 Today we’re gonna do a slightly different workout. We’re gonna workout our ability to recognize giftings of others.

2:44 So, here’s a workout that you will need as a leader, for any situation you are in. You can practice and work out on it at any time… And it’s simply this: practice discerning, practice figuring out, practice watching, recognizing, and calling out other people’s strengths and giftings. This is one of the most essential and the most powerful things you could do as a leader. 

3:25 Great leaders are people who can figure out what others are good at. 

4:26 Here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. When have I seen this person really excel?
  2. What has been this person’s biggest contribution so far?

Or you can try, “If I had to guess, I would think this person would be great at (fill in the blank).”

6:14 I read this in a book by Ken Blanchard:

“The key to developing people is to catch them doing something right.” 

—Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson The One Minute Manager®

Blanchard, Ken. The Heart of a Leader (p. 4). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition. 

7:13 But remember, give praise immediately, make it specific, and finally, encourage people to keep up the good work.

– Blanchard, Ken. The Heart of a Leader (p. 5). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition. 

You might ask, what if they aren’t that good yet?

8:22 Don’t wait until people do things exactly right before you praise them. 

—Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson The One Minute Manager

Blanchard, Ken. The Heart of a Leader (p. 6). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition. 

9:23 You see, “exactly right” behavior is made up of a whole series of approximately right behaviors. It makes more sense to praise progress—it’s a moving target.

Blanchard, Ken. The Heart of a Leader (p. 7). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition. 

Second question that you might ask, what if I’m wrong about the person?

12:26 It’s also a priceless leadership lesson for us because it causes us to sit down and evaluate, to sharpen your discernment. That’s what this workout will do. And then you’ll get better and better at recognizing, defining, appreciating, and celebrating the gifts of others. 

Next Steps: 

  1. Think about the people in your team. Where did you observe them use their gifts well? Is there a need to shift their tasks and functions around for a better fit to their giftings?
  2. Think about the last time you gave specific encouragement to a team member. Is there anyone you can praise for their progress? Was there a job well done that needs to be recognized?

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