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Episode 3: Responding to Crisis (Interview with Paolo Punzalan)

Responding to crisis requires God-lead innovation, which is only possible when we abide in Him and think big.

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Show notes: 

  • We want to be able to minister to the people’s felt needs and then bring them to meet their real need.
  • The considerations of ministers at this time: How do we continue to shepherd and pastor our people? How do we empower, equip, and establish them in the Word? How do we give them a Biblical mindset and a life lens that’s according to Scripture?
  • While our message and principles remain the same, because the world is changing, how we deliver the message may also change. We have to remember that right now, the marketplace is the internet.
  • It’s important to learn from our mistakes, which are going to happen, and to make adjustments along the way. Some of the best innovations come from the craziest ideas.
  • How do you know when to innovate and when to stop innovating? Take a look at your team—are you driving them to the ground? We all need a strong, rested team. Take a look at your results—are the results not according to the purpose and vision? With the right innovation, energies spent should bring the desired result.
  • Always be evaluating and assessing. There’s nothing set on stone.
  • Innovation can also be an expression of anxiety.
  • Some questions ministers are anxious about now: Are we dishing content, because we wanna make sure people are still with us? Will there be a church to come back to when we are not connected to them? Am I really wanting to fulfill God’s purpose?
  • God is looking for leaders who abide. Jesus says: You cannot do anything apart from me.
  • A tree that is healthy will naturally bear fruit. Ministry always has to be an overflow of what God has done.
  • Innovation will have a lot of considerations. When Victory spearheaded the use of the Every Nation building as a temporary housing facility for frontline healthcare workers, it involved healthcare officials, city government, and the generosity of the body of Christ. It was really a picture of the church being the Church.
  • In every challenge, there is an opportunity. To know the opportunity, we need to be connected and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  • We need to think big, because our God is big.

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