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Episode 30: Endings and Beginnings

In this episode, Pastor Joe shares to us three of his biggest takeaways from 17 years in campus ministry. Also, we are excited to introduce our new hosts for the ENC Leadership Podcast, JV and Dean.

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11:42 Introducing our new hosts for The ENC Leadership Podcast:

    JV Puno, Campus Director in Every Nation Campus – Pasig

    Dean Pasaba, Campus Director in Every Nation Campus – Metro East

17:40 Here are 3 takeaways from Pastor Joe after 17 years of being in campus ministry…

18:29 First, as Christian leaders, we need to always remember that God wants to work in you and through you. God is always doing something inside our hearts even while He is using us to serve or to help others. 

19:47 The hardest part for any person when it comes to Christian leadership is going to be the matters of the heart, not so much on the challenges of workload or intellectual challenges. Those things are only difficult because of how they affect our heart. 

20:47 JV: Parang hindi naman natatapos yun. It’s just that in this season, it got magnified. This season, because we have been isolated, we tend to reflect more and check on ourselves, and compare ourselves to other people. That’s why heart-check is more real. And sometimes as leaders we question ourselves “Ano ba ang nangyari sa atin?”… One thing I realized, to the leaders who are listening to us, is that sometimes we help other people enjoy God but we forget how we ourselves can enjoy God. 

25:38 Joe: Bishop Juray Mora said that as leaders we need more humility because there will be less people who will bring correction, who will confront you because in their minds “Eh leader ka na, siguro alam mo na yan.” And that’s why we really treasure those people in our lives who will bring that comment to us. 

27:30 The second thing is those people who get you there. Maybe the second biggest takeaway I have from all this time in campus ministry is that you can’t go farther than your relationships. 

29:53 Joe: I am grateful for the “It’s the mission that brought us together” like what we would always say in Every Nation “but the relationships keep us together.”

30:06 Dean: I am really thankful. I can’t really say that I am here because of just “me and God” because God is so gracious and generous enough that He gives people around me whom I can trust, not only inside the ministry but also people outside the ministry who give you a better perspective sometimes.

40:45 The third thing is that we must always do whatever work or ministry or leadership that we are doing out of a sense of calling and not obligation. It’s really that word — the call of GodIt’s not hard to feel the call of God in the big events. But the thing though is to feel the call of God even in the mundane, even in the no spotlight moments. 

42:46 Dean: Every time we do something, either as a campus missionary or as a leader or just a Christian, when there’s a sense of calling mas lumalaki yung perspective and the appreciation of what we are doing. 

46:20 Book Recommendation: Courage and Calling by Gordon T. Smith

The first part of our calling is that we are called to have a relationship with God. We cannot separate our call from having a relationship with God. The second part is in your career or vocation and we pray that you’ll do it with a sense of calling. The third is you are called to do specific things in the moment like what you are doing right now

53:15 Joe: I think as a summary it is knowing that everything comes from God… And if we connect from there, everything will be amazing… In this podcast we believe that Christians have all the resources to excel in leadership, not to chase promotion, not to be the most famous, not to have the biggest number of social media following, but to lead by serving in whatever field, even in your family or in your school. Simply because you have a relationship with God who is the source of it all. So, go to Him. He is going to move in You. It all comes back to God. 

Processing Questions: 

  1. What is one thing that God is working in and through your life at this season?
  2. Who are the people that God has surrounded you who are journeying with you? What are you doing to also become a friend to the people that God has brought in your life? 

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