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Episode 38: Marami Akong Struggles Ngayon… Paano Ako Makaka-Reach Out sa Iba?!

Paano kung maraming kang struggles sa panahon ngayon? Puede pa rin ba mag-reach out sa ibang tao? In this episode, we will talk about the reality of our personal struggles in this challenging season and how this can affect our relationship with God and with others.

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00:47 We started a new series about evangelism and discipleship in this pandemic. You can check our first episode here: Episode 37: Making Disciples na naman? Bakit Ako Makikinig?!

01:30 In this episode, we will talk about a very relatable topic: Marami Akong Struggles Ngayon… Paano Ako Makaka-Reach Out sa Iba?!

01:46 Dean: What is your greatest challenge this season that affects how you make disciples?

JV: The greatest challenge for me this season is how to live out my faith in my family, especially this season that I am with them 24/7… Feeling mo, bilang isang kristiyano, ‘pag yung mga bagay na ‘yun ay di mo nagawa, di ka na effective na leader…  Nabubugbog tayo bilang isang minister sa maraming bagay — our mental health and the way we do discipleship.

I believe this season, it’s important to talk about this dahil may mga struggles tayong pinagdadaanan na nagiging dahilan kung bakit tayo di makapag-disciple — kung bakit nahihirapan tayo mag-disciple.

03:58 Dean: Ang dami talagang struggles ngayong pandemic… Ako pagod na ko sa online life. I love catching up with people face to face and it’s just hard that you don’t get to see people face to face… Somehow, I miss building friendships face to face… I guess all of us have experienced online fatigue. Kung tutuusin, di nga lang sa discipleship, maraming-maraming factors pa talaga — physically, mentally, emotionally… Paano ako makaka-minister sa iba, kung ako mismo may mga problemang pinagdadaanan?

05:21 JV: May mga bagay na na-disrupt sa tin, especially in making disciples.

Things that got disrupted in campus evangelism and discipleship during the pandemic:

  1. Genuine Relationships – inconsistent personal connections (due to online fatigue)
  2. Evangelism – fully dependent online (social media)

Discipleship during these hard times is very important. Kung makikita natin lahat ng mga bagay na na-disrupt, ang pinaka-makikita natin is that we need to come togetherWe need to fight for our relationship with God and other people… Discipleship is relationship.

07:39 Dean: ‘Di kayo nag-iisa in experiencing these things… Ang daming nagbago, ang daming nakakapagod, bugbog tayong lahat pero this is what we want to encourage you with… Yung puso muna natin kasi pwedeng-pwede tayong lumapit kay Jesus. Matthew 11:28 (NIV) tells us:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

When we come to Him (Jesus), He invites us to receive refreshment, strength, rest, and all that we need. We can find that all in Jesus Christ…

09:55 JV: That’s why when we talk about discipleship, it’s not just about giving to other people, but it is from the overflow of our hearts… This (discipleship) will be a reflection of your relationship with God… When we talk about discipleship in these hard times, the best part is to allow God to transform us by meeting Him in our personal time with Him…

12:09 Dean: The ministry that we are going to do would start with an overflowing heart of satisfaction in Jesus Christ and I hope that you would find it in Him… The call to make disciples during a challenging season like we are in right now, it’s definitely difficult, but it’s possible kasi may transforming grace si God sa puso natin

The ENC Leadership Podcast is hosted by Dean Pasaba and JV Puno.

Processing Questions: 

  1. What is your greatest challenge this season that affects how you make disciples? How has God revealed Himself to you? Who are the people whom you can process with as you persevere in the call to make disciples in these hard times?
  2. What mindsets have been broken because of the topic that we discussed? What are the practical things that you can start doing to help you apply the things that you have learned?

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