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Episode 42: Paano Maging “On Fire” Ulit?

Bakit parang di na ako ganoon ka-excited? Bakit di na tulad ng dati? Posible pa bang maging passionate ulit? Our hope is that this episode will shed light and inspire you to continue pursuing your walk of faith and your calling in God.

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We hope that our episodes in our discipleship series are truly helping you so that you can continually grow in your walk with God and in your leadership.


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Dean: Our topic for this episode is Paano Maging “On Fire” Ulit? We are going to talk about what it looks like to be “on fire.”


JV: I believe one of the reasons kung bakit ba natin naiisip ‘tong question na ‘to kasi marami na ang nagbago in the way we live out our faith — in the way we serve, the way we fellowship with other people, and the way we connect with God… Nawala na yung fire na meron tayo dati...


Dean: We would like to paint pictures of ano nga ba yung “on fire” para sa ‘tin na naging misconception na — what “on fire” is not… Hindi ibig sabihin pag Praise and Worship, tumatalon ako tapos nagha-hang time or dahil nakapikit ako buong apat na songs, passionate na ba ako nun?


JV: I do believe, for everyone of us, yung mga examples na binigay namin, wala namang masama sa mga ‘yun… The question is, is that the basis of our faith when we talk about being “on fire” for the Lord?


Dean: It’s possible that we’ve been participating for a long, long time in all the church activities that we have pero matagal na palang on the inside, in our hearts, matagal na pala tayong wala kay Lord. “On fire” on the outside pero upos na or ubos na inside.


JV: In this podcast, we want to discover how it is expressed sa faith natin ngayon, sa season na to, in terms of being “on fire” for the Lord. Ang question ba talaga is for us to be “on fire” or for us to be healthy disciples?


Dean: I love that question! Kasi mamaya, di “on fire” yung main issue dito… hindi passion ang pinupunto ni Lord sa puso natin pero how we are as disciples. It’s so easy to indicate na passionate tayo dahil sa mga ginagawa natin externally, but sometimes it’s harder to see what’s happening on the inside…

How do we become healthy disciples?


Connect with God.

Dean: Whether nawala ka kay God or tuloy-tuloy ka, continue to connect with God. Enoch was not mentioned many times in the Bible. In fact, he was only mentioned twice… One is in Hebrews 11:5, where he was part of the Hall of Faith… When Enoch was mentioned there, it simply says, Enoch walked with God(Hebrews 11:5, Genesis 5:22-24). Yung walk dun meant he walked, he journeyed, he had this personal relationship with God, he had fellowship with God… Continue to connect with God… Yung iba siguro nakalimutan nyo na yung feeling ng praying… Express your heart’s desire, pain, joy… Start praying and connecting with God.


JV: Connecting with God is actually the core of your faith. The other factors that we are going to talk about here are just the overflow of your personal and private moments with God.


Connect with God’s People.

JV: There will be people who will help you grow in your faith. In this season, we really need to help each other — building up each other’s faith, pushing each other’s faith to go back to God… When we talk about our health as disciples, we need people to help us… As we grow in our faith, as we connect with God, it is also our responsibility to connect with God’s people kasi ito rin yung magbibigay sa atin ng power to continue to grow in our faith…


Dean: Your health as a disciple, very vital yung other people sa walk mo with God. Also sa internal health mo as a disciple, mahirap maging “on fire” kung walang ibang taong tutulong sa atin…


Pursue God’s Purpose

Dean: What are you called for this season? The Holy Spirit is the One who empowers us to pursue God’s calling. There will be no striving when it comes to the power of the Holy Spirit empowering us. Everything that the Holy Spirit would allow us to do or will ask us to do will be an overflow of our connection with God. At the same time, it is also a result of being healthily connected with God’s people.

JV: Our seasons may change, our circumstances may change, but one thing will not change and that is our call to pursue God’s purpose. Yung purpose natin kay Lord, hindi yun na-disrupt just because of the pandemic… We have our general calling, specific calling, and immediate calling… Lahat ng yun starts with pursuing God…

Dean: We hope that you will find God’s purpose and what is God’s calling for you in this specific season.

Processing Questions:

  1. Where do you think you need to grow more in your health as a disciple?
  2. What is God calling you to do this season? What are the specific steps that you can do to start pursuing the purpose of God in your life?

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