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Episode 43: Saan Ako Mag-Uumpisa Para Mag-Lead?

God has called each of us for leadership. Pero sa dami ng mga magulong nangyayari sa paligid at sa dinami-rami ng nagbago, di ko na alam paano magsisimula ulit. With all the limitations, how can I start pursuing the leadership call of God for my life? In this episode, we will look into the greatest leader of all time and how he led not with mere declaration, but a demonstration.

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In this series we are talking about how we grow as leaders. Hopefully our episodes are helping you and sparked conversations among you. We pray that you will be open to others as you discuss, so that it will help you bounce back to the leadership call that God has for you.


Dean: At this moment, as we mentioned earlier, our desire is to help one another to bounce back in the leadership calling that God has for usPaano nga ba mag-lead uli?


JV: One of the things that we are challenged this season as leaders is the way we lead because a lot of things have changed… One of the reasons we are talking about this is because we want to continue to make disciples and grow in our faith. As we talk about, “Saan Ako Mag-Uumpisa Para Mag-Lead?”


Dean: Ang dali kasing sabihin na pag mag-uumpisa, we can turn to different things na nakasanayan na natin noon… In reality, madaling sabihin pero mahirap gawin kasi may mga questions that linger in our minds… 


Duty vs Calling

JV: Maybe for some of us, we came to a point that it became more of a duty than a calling… One of the things that got disrupted this season is the understanding that leadership is more than just a duty or a responsibility as a Christian, but it is our calling.


Process vs People

Dean: Talking about duty versus calling, laging naglalaban yan eh kasi the temptation of just accomplishing what I think I need and I’m called to accomplish versus napu-pursue ko ba yung purposes ni God sa akin. Siyempre doon tayo sa side na gusto natin ma-pursue yung purpose ni God sa atin… Kung minsan, the way we do things comes to a point of thinking we need to follow step by step instructions to fulfil this… So in the way we make disciples, instead of focusing on people, we focus on the process…


JV: Process is important for guidance, but at the same time, it’s more than the process, it’s really the people…


Tools vs Heart

Dean: Are we looking at the tools?.. Ang dami nating tools na pwede nating puntahan agad, but if we think about the tools first before the heart, baka bumalik tayo dun sa duty and process and not even fulfilling the purpose, calling, and caring for people… If these tools are left without a heart, sayang!


JV: One of the reasons we start making disciples is because everything starts with God. This is the reason why we lead other people. Ito yung pag-uusapan natin today, how do we start leading? Let’s see how Jesus demonstrated leading others.


Dean: Just to make it clear, we are not starting from duty, we are not starting with the process, and definitely we are not starting with the tools, we are starting with the heart.


JV: I remember this passage in Matthew 9:35-38 (ESV):

“And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

One thing that I observed in this passage is Jesus’ heart to really go to people… It was His intention to lead people to Him — to lead people to God and proclaim the Gospel… When we ask the question to ourselves, “Saan ako mag-uumpisa mag-lead?” Our prayer is that it will always come from an understanding that Jesus demonstrated it first to us…


1. Saw

Dean: Jesus saw them harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd… Lahat naman tayo nakakakita pero seeing beyond the physical — iyon yung pinakita ni Jesus dito… How do you see people around you?


Dean: What if Jesus sees us the way we look at other people?… When Jesus looks at us, He sees us as people who need help, who need a Savior. I hope na ganoon din tayo whenever we look at other people.


JV: Seeing people the way God sees them will cause us to see the need and the burden that they need Jesus. I hope that is something that would compel us as we start leading. When we see them, it’s in the way God sees them…


2. Compassion

JV: Compassion is more than having empathy and sympathy. It’s pursuing to love them unconditionally. Compassion is backed up with action of love for the lost and others. Compassion will normally be categorized as helping others, helping the poor. But compassion is loving people, suffering with them… We will be moved to do something and it’s out of the love of Christ in our lives…

Dean: The word “compassion” in the original language in the Bible, which is Greek, means to be moved in the inward parts… This is about being moved within you and you are compelled to be moved outwardly, to be of help to other people… Imagine the kind of compassion that moved Jesus to do something for us, which is to save our lives by giving His life for us. Think about this: What if Jesus treats us the way we treat other people? How do we treat people around us?…


3. Pray

JV: One of the things we can start leading is by praying. Praying that God will change our hearts to see the lost and for our hearts to grow bigger to see the mission of God in our lives…

Dean: When we pray, this is always the time when we recognize that some things are beyond us… Reality is, we cannot do everything for the people around us… We cannot solve problems for them, only God can do that… Praying out of compassion is seeing that they need God and that we may be an answer or a small part in a person’s life, but ultimately God is the answer to their needs.

JV: Praying unburdens us of the need to change people… When we pray, it’s understanding that God will be the One who will work in the person’s life… 

Dean: Your prayer of compassion for people and your prayers for workers, kung minsan, yung nagpi-pray, ikaw rin pala yung sagot. So I hope that you become the answer to your own prayers as well. People need you so that they would be led to God… I hope that you will have enough faith to start with. Saan nga ba ako magsisimula? See the people how Jesus sees them, compassion as how Jesus was moved in, and I hope you start with prayer to be the answer to your own prayers for people.

Processing Questions:

  1. What mindset about leadership did you have that changed after hearing this episode? What did God remind you or reveal to you?
  2. Among the three principles on how we can bounce back in the leadership calling that God has for us, where do you think you need more grace to start?

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