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Episode 44: Bilang Lider, Ano ang mga Natutunan Ko sa Taong 2021?

2021 has stretched us in so many ways—in our relationship with God and with others. It also challenged us in our leadership. Sa dinami-rami ng mga pagbabago, alam lang natin na ang bawat pinagdaanan at pinaglaban ay naghulma sa atin upang lumago bilang isang lider. Let’s look back at the faithfulness of God in our lives and the valuable leadership lessons that we gained this year.

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JV: As we wrap up this year, we want to talk about our leadership learnings this 2021… Ano ba yung mga natutunan natin sa leadership… as we reflect on God’s goodness in our lives, especially as we lead. ‘Yun yung pag-uusapan natin today.

Dean: Hopefully this episode would help you spark conversations with other people and process these things with others… Share with us your leadership learnings of 2021!


Dean: Siguro isang leadership learning na masasabi ko is leadership is always supposed to be a team

JV: Yes! Never doing it alone.


Dean: When we talk about leadership, laging kadugtong yan whenever we make disciples and lead others to Jesus. Siguro marami tayong natutunan ngayon especially nag-iba yung the way we handle opportunities to minister and lead other people to Jesus…



Dean: Meron akong nakitang quote or illustration dati pero ang sinasabi noon is that “There is a reason that human beings just have one mouth and two earskasi mas magma-matter yung listening rather than talking… Talking is good or giving advice is good, but more importantly as a leader, people need your ears. Listening is very important… As much as people would want to hear what I would have to say pero sino ba naman yung hindi gustong mapakinggan?

JV: I heard from one of the mentorings that I attended recently that “Never communicate it unless you have listened.” Marami sa atin we were stretched to listen, but at the same time to depend not just to ourselves or our experiences, but to depend on the Holy Spirit.



JV: Awareness of God, awareness of yourself, and awareness of others. We have seen a lot of things this season, but we have been aware to not just see our needs, but also to see other’s needs. And to be aware that God is with us. Mas naramdaman natin na apart from God—apart from the grace of the Lord in our lives, it is really impossible to live this season… It gives us more awareness to rely on the Lord and at the same time to be aware of the other’s felt needs.

Dean: Unless we listen to God and unless we listen to others, we will never be aware… It would definitely change the way we think and how we make decisions.



Dean: We are in a changing season and changing times call for a change in leadership style.

JV: We hope that whatever we have learned and adapted in our leadership, we won’t leave this behind 2021, but we will be able to bring it to the next season… There will be more adapting… This is the moment for us to really grow more as a leader.



JV: Fight the good fight of faith. We have seen a lot of you, students, even campus missionaries who have really fought for their walk in the Lord, even in these difficult times… At the end of the day, we have seen that we really need to rely on the Holy Spirit—that we really need God in our lives. It just exposed all the more that apart from the Lord, we are nothing.

Dean: How do we adapt to these changes that the world brings us, pandemic or not? I think this is a timeless truth for us, fight the good fight of faith. We continue to persevere… This is a leadership learning not only for 2021, but hopefully for the rest of our lives. That we would be fighting for our relationship with Jesus by relying on the Holy Spirit… One of the greatest learnings we would ever have in 2021 and in our lives is that we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit that gives us the grace to persevere, to fight the good fight of faith, to listen, to be aware, and to adapt to different changes. Si God pa rin talaga.

Processing Questions:

  1. How has 2021 grown you as a leader?
  2. What are your top 3 learnings about leadership this 2021?

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