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Episode 36: The Leadership Crash: Losing the Poetry

In this episode, we will talk about the last warning sign of a leadership crash. We hope this topic will help you not lose the heart of the things that God has called you to do.

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Episode 27: Patriotism, is it biblical?

We are back to our regular episodes after celebrating our anniversary! Having celebrated Independence Day last month and as we approach Philippine elections again, we take this time to talk about patriotism in this episode.

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Episode 35: The Leadership Crash: Perpetuating an Artificial Image and Building a Third World

In this episode, we will talk about two other warning signs of a leadership crash. May this topic help you grow more in understanding the very heart of leadership that God has called us into.

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Episode 26: TBT: The Best of TOC (Anniversary Special) Part 2

Thank you for loving TOC as much as we love you! In this episode, the anniversary celebration continues as we talk about the remaining three of your most favorite episodes.

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